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Our Programs


6 weeks- 12 months

Funshine’s Infant Program has been specially designed to create a warm and secure environment for each infant. Our experienced and caring staff have a passion for nurturing and caring for young children. Teachers focus on the development and care of each child as an individual. Infants work on developmentally appropriate activities like tummy time, hand-eye coordination play, practicing pincer grip, activities such as sensory exploration, crawling and standing skills, music and movement, and most importantly are provided a lot of love and affection.

The Waddler Classroom

To aid in development, our infants are separated into two classrooms. After they begin crawling, at around 8 months old, children “graduate” to the Waddler classroom, where there is additional space for them to develop crawling and walking skills. The Waddlers also participate in different sensory development experiences, like painting and active play in our indoor gym.

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Program Features

  • Toys and equipment are sanitized throughout the day
  • A professional cleaning company cleans and disinfects each evening
  • Teachers highly qualified and experienced, and are certified in Infant/Toddler First Aid, CPR, and Safe Sleep Practices
  • Our philosophy is that children learn best by doing, so we let children explore the world around them by using all their sense and having fun
  • Tadpoles app provides real-time communication of diaper changes, feedings, activities, and photos
  • Open door policy, with a designated room for mothers who wish to breastfeed