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Our Programs

Jr. and Sr. Preschool

3 - 4 years old

Children in our Jr. preschool Classroom continue their growth and development of tactile and gross motor skills. Some of the many skills developed in this program include letter recognition, spelling their first and last names, number recognition, enhancing problem-solving skills, and fine motor skills such as cutting, gluing, and writing. Social and emotional development, appropriate manners, safety, and refinement of social skills and independence are emphasized in this classroom.

Our Senior preschool program encourages growth and learning filled with educational and fun activities. Social, verbal, cognitive, and physical skills are built through activities that engage children. Our teachers use developmental assessments to plan activities for your child to help meet learning goals. Through large groups and small, individualized instruction, your child will work on early literacy and math skills daily. In our Sr. preschool program we focus on developing social skills, independence, curiosity, and provide an environment full of fun learning experiences.

Program Features

  • Our play-based learning approach allows us to create lesson plans that use intentional fun to foster the development
  • Jr. Preschool  children develop early literacy and math skills using recognition and repetition and learn to write their names and recognize letters and letter sounds
  • Sr. Preschool children develop phonics skills utilizing a “letter of the week,” develop reading readiness and writing skills utilizing small and large group activities and develop independence and confidence in reading
  • Daily Sign Language and Spanish activities through weekly themed units that encourage vocabulary building and language comprehension
  • A diverse classroom that encourages acceptance through books and activities
  • Observation-based assessments to form individualized portfolios for each child that are shared with parents during Fall and Spring Parent/Teacher conferences

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