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Our Programs


4 - 5 years old

Pre-kindergarten is a crucial time for children as they begin a lifetime of learning. Our Pre-K program focuses on developing independence, curiosity, and confidence. We make the transition into Kindergarten easier by helping children become comfortable in an organized learning environment and providing the necessary foundations for learning.

We use the Creative Curriculum as well as Phonics in the Pre-K class to develop age-appropriate skills, knowledge, and experiences. Our comprehensive program is in alignment with the Indiana Foundations for Young Children with the goals and objectives of the Creative Curriculum for Preschool. The Creative Curriculum balances teacher‐planned and child‐initiated learning, emphasizing responsiveness to children’s strengths, interests, needs, and learning styles. Nationally known for being forward‐thinking, comprehensive, and rigorously researched, it helps teachers plan and implements developmentally appropriate programs that support active learning and promote children’s progress in all developmental areas.

Phonics is a foundation for learning how to read. We will, therefore, focus on letter sounds and word building. Learning number 1-30 will also be a part of our curriculum and is necessary when teaching the concept of time. Children’s journal, complete book reports (with the assistance of parents), and various academic worksheets are additional enhancements to our program.


Program Features

  • Learning requires active thinking and experimenting, so our lesson plans are centered around play to allow children to explore their world by using their senses and having fun
  • Children can utilize technology via classroom tablets, where they play educational games, participate in read along stories in our QR code listening center, and keep their own media journal
  • Develop reading skills through small reading groups, phonics, weekly homework projects, book reports, and engaging worksheets to provide children with a positive, joyful experience that builds a love of learning
  • Daily Connect app provides real time communication of meals, activities, and photos
  • Sign Language and Spanish activities daily to encourage vocabulary building and language comprehension
  • Observation based assessments are done to create a developmental profile to guide each child’s learning and are shared with parents during Fall and Spring Parent/Teacher conferences

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