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Our Programs


1 - 2 years old

Funshine’s Jr. and Sr. Toddler programs encourage exploration, independence, and friendship through age-appropriate and hands-on activities.

Our Jr. Toddler program is designed for children ages 12 months to 16 months. The Jr. Toddler classroom provides a flexible environment where children can transition to a structured and routine-based environment. Your child will learn many independent skills such as eating at a table with a spoon, sleeping on a cot, and following a nap schedule.

Our Sr. Toddler program is designed for children 16 months to 2 years. Age-appropriate hands-on activities are planned daily that are intended to build their independence, curiosity, and social and emotional skills. Our Sr. Toddlers will enjoy hands-on sensory experiences such as “cooking” (exploring textures and mixing and measuring ingredients), scooping and pouring rice and sand, “writing” in whipped cream and pudding, and squishing play dough and finger paint. All of these activities are not only messy good fun, but also help to strengthen fine motor muscle development and early mathematic reasoning skills.

Program Features

  • Toys and equipment are sanitized throughout the day
  • A professional cleaning company cleans and disinfects each evening
  • All of our teachers are experienced, dedicated, loving, and are certified in Infant/Toddler First Aid and CPR
  • Daily Connect app provides real-time communication of diaper changes, feedings, activities, and photos
  • Sign Language and Spanish instruction continues to help enhance children’s brain function, boost their self-esteem, facilitate communication, and initiates an enthusiasm for learning
  • We believe children learn best by doing, so our lesson plans are designed to explore their world by using all their senses and having fun

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